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You have questions? We have answers!

Q:  What is the difference between Live Virtual and On-Demand (online) courses?


A:   Live Virtual means the student is attending a live class but instead of coming into a classroom they are attending from a remote computer.  A student attending a live virtual class can participate and interact directly with the instructor.  While On-Demand means the student is provided all the course materials after registration and is allowed to work on the course “on their own time”. 


Q:  Do On-Demand students have access to instructors for questions?


A:  Yes.  On-Demand students can ask questions through email or directly from the student portal.  1-on-1 time may be scheduled with an instructor as well for review or if there are multiple questions.


Q:  Are there any pre-requisite courses before taking the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) class?


A:  It’s recommended that students take a medical terminology and anatomy course prior to the start of the course.  Ohana Coding offers an online course through a company called Petersons.  Click here for details.

Q:  Does Ohana Coding offer payment plans?

A:  Yes.  Payment plans are available for the CPC 12-week class and the on-demand courses.  For the CPC 12-week class the price is broken down into 3 payments.  First payment is due at registration.  Second payment is due by the 5th class.  Finally, the third payment is due by the 9th class.  The CPC On-Demand is also broken into 3 payments.  The second and third payments are not scheduled which means the student tells us when they are ready for the next portion.


For the other On-Demand courses the payments are broken down into halves.  The first payment is due at registration.  Students receive the first half of the course and then receive the second half once the second payment is made.  See the class webpages for payment plan details.


Ohana Coding also offers PayPal credit.  (Subject to credit approval)



Q:  How long do students have access to course materials?


A:  Ohana Coding students have access for 1 year from the start of the class.


Q:  What materials are included in Ohana Coding courses?


A:  All Ohana Coding courses include instructor lectures (either live or recorded), a textbook, practice questions, PowerPoints, and a mock exam.



Q:  What materials are NOT included in Ohana Coding courses?


A:  Coding books (CPT, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS), AAPC membership, exams (in-person or online).  AAPC memberships and exams are discounted when taking a course with Ohana Coding.  See course pages for details.


Q:  What steps need to be taken to remove the apprentice label (Ex: CPC-A) from a credential?


A:  Click the link below.  There are instructions on how to remove the apprentice designation.


Q:  How do I register for an exam with AAPC?

A:  Click on the link below.  On this page you’ll see options to purchase online exams.  The in-person paper exam is no longer available. An onsite option is available at Meazure learning sites. The exam is still done online but you will go to a physical location. Check the link below to see where a local Meazure learning site can be located.


Online exams can also be taken at your home or office.  Your exam location needs to be a quiet and private.  There is a video you can watch when you click the link below that will walk you through the requirements for taking an exam online.

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