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Q.  What’s the difference between Online and Live Virtual?
A.  Live Virtual means the student is attending a live class but instead of coming into a classroom they are attending from a remote computer.  A student attending a live virtual class can participate and interact directly with the instructor.  While Online means the student is given all the course materials at once and is allowed to work on the course “on their own time”. 

Q.  Are online students left completely on their own?
A.  Even though an online student is taking the course on their own Ohana still offers an instructor for questions.  The instructor and student can even set up some one-on-one time for questions or review.

Q.  Does Ohana recommend any courses before becoming certified for medical coding?
A.  It’s recommended for students new to medical coding to take Anatomy and Medical Terminology courses prior to taking medical coding certifications.

Q.  What options does Ohana offer for certification classes?
A.  Ohana offers three options for attending certification classes.  Live in the classroom, live virtual, and online.  All specialties courses are available on demand only unless a large enough group is interested.


Q.  Does Ohana offer other services besides certification classes?
A.  Ohana does more than just certification courses.  Monthly webinars, quarterly workshops, and our yearly virtual conference are available for those seeking to earn CEUs at a reasonable price.  

Q.  Does Ohana offer payment plans?
A.  Yes.  Payment plans are available for the CPC 12 week class and the on demand courses (excludes the specialties).  For the CPC 12 week class the price is broken down into 3 payments.  First payment is due at registration.  Second payment is due by the 5th class.  Finally the third payment is due by the 9th class.  For the on demand courses the payments are broken down into halves (except for the CIC on demand class which is divided into thirds.  The first payment is due at sign up.  Students receive the first half of the course and then receive the second half once the second payment is made.


Q.  How long do students have access to the course after the class is over or have done an online course?

A.  Ohana allows access for one year.

Q.  What’s books are included with Ohana courses?
A.  All courses come with a textbook.  Coding books (CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS) are not included unless the student has purchased a bundle option when signing up for the course.


Q.  Do the CPC classes with Ohana qualify for the 80 hours of education of a coding preparation course for the completion of one part to remove the apprentice status from the CPC-A credential?

A.  Yes, all formats (12 week, Boot Camp, and Online) qualify for the 80 hours of education by combining live and on-demand modules.  For complete information on removing the A from CPC-A, visit the AAPC website here.

Q.  Why are there 2 separate prices for the webinars?
A.  Ohana offers a discount price for current and former students.  $20 for someone who has never taken a course/webinar/conference with us.  $15 for anyone who is currently or previously attended a service from Ohana.

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